Monday, 22 February 2010

Garlic&Sapphires Layout?, Feelings Please

Hey these are layout ideas for the collaborations project, what do you think? Notice how it goes image to text, text to image, depending on the order that the exchange happened, and there is a tiny object between the two columns of text- it changes for each illustration and story (for the diamond kid its a diamond, for jackpot, about love, its a heart, but i dont mean to put playing card symbols between the columns, its just a coincedence). i uploaded them onto my blog- you can see the edge of the white paper more easily on my blog because the backgrounds off white.
I'd really like your ideas because i think that we could make the design of the final book magazine whatever really cool, with a cool front page and a cool back page and an intro, and a cool contents page, and a page that says, 'text to image' in a cool way, and another that says, 'image to text', in an equally cool way. Im gonna talk to harvey in the morning about whats going on about this.